TailorMade Quality Assurance, a personable and bespoke approach to 

Quality Assurance, Health and Safety and Business provided by 

Catherine Perry Affiliate CQI & IOSH

My Experience

Having worked as a Quality Assurance professional for 20 years I have developed skills and expertise to the highest standards. I decided to start up TQB in 2018 so that I can use this knowledge and wisdom to benefit businesses that want to improve their service, delivery and practice quality but don't have the capacity to employ a Quality Manager full time. I can be your Quality Manager when YOU need me. 

Why Me?

I have a passion for Business Quality Assurance and believe it is key to a robust underpinning of the services delivered.  I aim to give every client the time and guidance you deserve and design a bespoke programme that uniquely fits your business needs.  Make sure your customers receive the very best, never overlooking the value of quality and service.